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Moscow - city of many faces

Moscow is a big financial center and great city. But it is also a unique place where any person can find something interesting for him. Moscow (like a woman) has many faces - historical, cultural, poetic faces can be combined with modern life full of entertainment, leisure and technologies. Moscow can give her visitors anything they wish to see in this city.

Cultural life of Moscow

If you are fond of music, art or literature - Moscow can be your cultural paradise. Theatre goers can visit famous Bolshoi Theatre to see the Swan Lake ballet performed in best traditions of Great Russian ballet, or attend the "DIE FLEDERMAUS" opera be Johann Strauss or "WOZZECK" opera by Alban Berg. In addition to Bolshoi Theatre there are a lot of other theatres in Moscow with performances made in different style and different language. Whether you prefer the classic plays, musicals or modern minimalistic action - you can find the performance up to your taste. For fans of arts Moscow will demonstrate her treasure paintings through out all her wonderful art galleries. The diamond of Moscow Art Galleries is surely Tretyakov State Gallery with its masterpieces of Great Russian and Foreign Artists such as Aivazovsky, Brullov, Vasnetsov, Manet and others. Besides you can visit gallery "Life of Glass" at Petrovka str. 26, expressive "One work gallery" at middle Kyslovsky lane 5, pure German institution "Diehl + Gallery One" at Smolenska quay 5/13, and many others. Do you prefer literature and poetry to all art masterpieces? So you can listen to Great Russian poets like Pushkin and Lermontov or visit the museums-apartments of Bulgakov, Nabokov or Pushkin. This side of literature can be demonstrated to you by our escort girls.

Historical side of Moscow

If Art or Poetry is not your hobby, but you like to listen to old legends and see some pictures of past life - Moscow will open all her Museums for you. And there is a plenty of legends, historical places and museums in Moscow, as this city is almost 1000 years old, 10 centuries of kings, legends, wars and invading. Order escort girl for guiding around Moscow and you will be demonstrated all famous and secret places of Moscow that you wish to see. And what is more important - the excursion with our escort model is not a boring guiding tour around Moscow, it is a fascinating walk in the streets and museums full of unusual facts and interesting stories which you will never forget. You should definitely see Kremlin and Read Square, touch tsar-bell, named tsar (king) for its unbelievable size and weight. It had never rung because people couldn't hang it to the bell tower. But this giant is a symbol of Man Power, if you touch it and come under this bell your sexual potency will be great and long. But Red Square can also show you the Armoury with big collection or arms since 10th century till nowadays, mausoleum, St. Basil Cathedral wish its unique architecture and history and many other interesting places. If we say about St. Basil Cathedral, it should be noticed there are many beautiful Cathedral and Churches in Moscow, each of them has its own interesting story and appearance. Orthodox Churches are very different from Catholic Cathedrals so visit to Church will be your unusual experience and chance to see and touch ancient but another culture.

Leisure time in modern Moscow

Do you think Moscow is too old to be modern and entertaining? Ask your escort girl to show you night life of Moscow and you will be convinced Moscow is a city where ancient legends intertwine the bright and fascinating modern life. Our girls can take you to most unusual and luxurious restaurants and nightclubs where you can touch unknown culture and eat really delicious food. Visit restaurant "Expedition" and you will feel yourself somewhere deep in the unlimited Russian forests named Taiga. Here you can have a dinner inside the traditional Russian log house made of big tree trunks, and sit near a real nothern fire, try the real Russia vodka-cocktails that can kill even a bear. Among other unusual places are restaurants Alcatras (feel yourself a prisoner with sexy waitresses wearing black & white striped uniform and make your own prison break), Gourmet Grand Cru Black (terrifically delicious food and wine for real gourmets) and Dragon Temple (take our Geisha to this place made in Chinese style it impresses with the floor of the restaurant - a giant aquarium full of bright exotic fishes swimming inside).
Moscow entertaining for active people
For active sport people Moscow can offer a plenty of active leisure. Feel yourself a figure skater holding your amazing partner (our escort girl) on her waist at Moscow skating rink, swim with dolphins during the show in Moscow dolphinarium, or play a paint battle with your Russian partners. Moscow is waiting for YOU to make you happy and satisfied for all your dearest dreams to come true in Moscow. Whether you dream about a museum visiting, figure skating, paint battle or extraordinary Russian massage - tell our Moscow escort agency about it and our escort girls will turn all of them true!





































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