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Are Geishas extinct type of women?

Dear gentlemen this article was planned and developed specially for you. It was discovered recently that most men have no idea who were Geishas and what was the difference between them and those who are now named as call girls. So let’s start with some words of the History of Japan.

There was the only way for a poor little girl to come to aristocracy world of Emperor Japan, to become Geisha. At the age of 5-7 years all girls of poor (and sometimes even rich!) people were sent to a school of Geishas, where old ladies (former Geishas) examined them from all points of view in order to find the most beautiful, clever, witty and artistic girls of them. Only few girls are selected of thousand challengers for Geishas every year. All other little girls came home disappointed and ashamed.

The new life started for selected girls. Every day during next ten years they work and learn hard to be intelligent, well-educated and attractive for men. The school program for girls included: dancing, art, poetry, music, singing, calligraphy and art of relationships between a man and a woman. After ten years of study these girls were the most educated and talented persons of Japan. They could interest any man and even make the politics of the country if necessary. The special attention in their education was drawn to aft of man satisfaction. When Geisha passed through her examination in sex, she had to make a man near her to have an orgasm at least three times during their date: first orgasm – when she danced for a man, second orgasm – during the petting, the third orgasm can be during the sex itself. The more satisfaction the man had, the better qualification took the future Geisha.

As you see it’s indeed incorrect to guess modern call girls are those who were called Geishas in ancient Japan. Call girls are just a semi-shade of real Geisha. Among all the ways of sexual industry we can say the Elite Moscow escort Models are those who can be named as successors of Geishas. But this means Geishas are not extinct! They are still alive for any man!

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